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PTA Membership Form - Join PTA! Vist the Join PTA! section of this site for more details.
Volunteer Forms - Print these forms and submit it to your child's teacher in an envelope marked PTA to volunteer your time or services. Visit the Volunteer tab on this site for more information. WE NEED YOU!
PTA Leadership Guide


2018-19 AHE PTA Proposed Budget *coming soon
Forms for PTA Event/Program Planners:
Plan of Work - Use this form to get approval for your event. Attach additional sheets if needed.
Facility Use Form - Use if you need to reserve space at school.  NEW FORM: Quadruplicate Forms can be found in the Teachers Mail room.
Community Use Request - This additional form is required for events that take place on school grounds outside of school hours.
Event Activity Timeline - Setup schedule, event detail such as entertainment and food/beverage service, clean up schedule.
AHES PTA Event Report - Print this form and submit it to your VP to wrap up your event.
Expense Voucher - This form is used to be reimbursed for monies spent on behalf of the PTA.  
Guides and Policies for PTA Chairs:
PTA Info for VPs and Chairs - How to get an event approved and on the calendar and random PTA info.
Check List for PTA Event Planning - Processes for a successful event form start to finish
Communication Guidelines - Step-by-step guide and more details about the event approval process.
Expense Policies - How you can get reimbursed for expenses.
Cash Box Procedures - If you need a cask box for your event.
Examples: (Examples of the above completed forms for reference)
Look for these coming soon!
Logos: (click to download)


Model PTA

The Purposes of The Model PTA:

Encourages and directs the Local Unit PTA to fulfill the requirements to be “In Good Standing”.

Provides a strong format and defines an effective process for parent engagement, advocacy and partnership in the school community.

Assists the local school community to fulfill the parents’ rights and responsibilities portion under the current education legislation.


Model PTA Documents


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