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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PTA? The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a self-governing unit that plans its programs and activities to meet the needs of children and youth in the community. Each PTA has its own characteristics, but its fundamental purpose of promoting the welfare of children and youth unites all PTA’s and gives continuity and nationwide significance to their work.

Why Join the PTA? PTA is a membership organization. Our ability to serve children, families, schools, and communities depends on having members. The organization’s strength comes from the willingness of its members to demonstrate the value of involvement, to serve as enthusiastic volunteers, and to help generate & distribute funds appropriately. This is what gives PTA power. With a vibrant membership, our PTA can gain broad support in the community, host great programs for families and students, and be a powerful voice for our children.

How can I volunteer? There are many opportunites and areas for volunteers. Please visit the Volunteer section of this website.

How do I become a member? To become a member, complete a PTA membership form (see Membership section) and return it to school with a check made payable to ABBOTTS HILL PTA for your dues.

How can I contact the Abbotts Hill PTA? You may send an email to any PTA Board member. See the PTA Board list for contact information.

Who Can Join? Membership in PTA is open to anyone who is concerned with the education, health, and welfare of children and youth.  Parents, educators, students, and community members are all invited to join. Every person who joins a local PTA automatically becomes a member of both the State and National PTAs. Together we are one powerful voice for children.

What Benefits Do I Receive as a PTA Member? Visit this link to learn about the benefits you’ll receive through the Georgia PTA and National PTA for being a member, as well as complete lists of Member Benefit providers.

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The 2020-2021 school year may look different, but your PTA remains committed to making every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities.

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